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Adult Products In Vending Machines

It is very possible to make a good living selling certain items aimed at adults in vending machines. These are products that aren’t to be sold to youths due to their age. One of the top selling such items is cigarettes. For those that smoke on a regular basis, being without a pack of them isn’t convenient. They may not like the brands that others around them are smoking enough to borrow from them.

Cigarettes seem to be the most common type of vending machine with adult specific products. They can be offered in bars, clubs, colleges, malls, and many other locations where people hang out. Make sure you keep this type of vending machine well stocked with a good variety of cigarettes. Many people have a preferred brand that they will be looking to purchase.

Lottery tickets are popular in many locations as well. It can be a pain to have to wait in line to buy them. There are certain vending machines that can offer them as well. This is very convenient and it can increase the sales. Of course you won’t make any profits for them unless you are associated with the lottery. This is because you can’t sell them for more than face value.

You work out a deal with the lottery office where you can both make money. You can provide them with a great sales pitch of how your vending machine can help them to increase sales. People walking by the vending machine may not even have the thought to buy any scratch tickets until they happen to see it. They will put their money in without thinking twice. As a result of your sales they will pay you a percentage of what is generated.

You may have concerns about age requirements with these types of vending machines. This is important because you will be breaking the law if you don’t find out what these age requirements are. Place clearly written messages on these types of vending machines warning individuals that they must be a certain age in order to buy anything from them.

Try to keep such vending machines in locations where there will be 성인용품 around as well. Most underage individuals aren’t going to go up to them and try to buy something when they know they will be questioned. Of course you will have some youths that look older than they are and that can be a problem. Yet if you are doing what you should legally then you won’t be held responsible for such actions.

Condoms are generally considered by many people to be adult products. Yet there are so many teenagers engaging in such activities and they can’t buy condoms from many retail locations. Placing condom vending machines in bathrooms for both men and women can give them privacy as well as access to the products they want to use for protection. Some individuals think condom vending machines promote sexual activity though while others believe they promote responsibility.

You may find that getting into the vending machine business selling products aimed for adults is a good move for you. Of course you will need to take the market into consideration as well as establish a need for them. Survey for quality locations to put them and then proceed from there.

Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending locating business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.


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