Bat Rolling Machine, Questions and Answers

Twofold Pinch Pyramid:

It can pre-twist the two parts of the bargains without expelling plate from machine. The weakness is that it takes six diverse situating of the rolls to finish a chamber. As a result of the pyramid structure, it can’t pre-twist as near the edge as an underlying squeeze or a four-roll machine.


It can roll cones, yet with trouble.

With the end goal of correlation, I will look at against the underlying squeeze and the twofold squeeze rolls.

The pyramid rolls, while they have a spot in the market, are not viewed as when pre-bowing is an essential.

The motivation behind this report is to exhibit that the four-roll has all the attractive highlights of the other two without the drawbacks – also, includes extra points of interest the other two don’t have.

MG Four-Roll Advantages


The single greatest preferred position that four-roll machines have over the other two machines is straightforwardness.

So as to get an impeccably twisted funnel with a three-roll twofold squeeze, it is important to do three distinct activities:

It is important to pre-twist the main edge of material. This is finished by squeezing plate between one of the side rolls and top roll.

You should likewise bring down the rival side roll to make the best possible geometry for the pre-twist. As a result of this it is difficult to load and roll material in the even position. It likewise requires an a lot bigger region in the shop as the material must pass right through the machine in its loosen up condition for the pre-twisting so it requires in any event equivalent separation on the two sides of the machine.

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