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Common Styles of Baby Bags

Common Styles of Baby Bags

While many people assume that celebrity parents turn the less glamorous aspects of child-rearing over to their high-paid nannies, they might be surprised to learn that one of the hottest fashion trends among rich and famous parents is the designer diaper bag (also referred to as the “designer baby bag”). Diaper bags have been engineered for both moms and dads, and include separate compartments not only for diapers, but for baby bottles, burping cloths, changing pads, and any conceivable item which will keep baby comfortable while he or she is traveling.

Designer baby çanta imalatı have all of these conveniences, but they also have style, color, and the kind of materials associated with the fashion elite and style-conscious moms. Designer baby and diaper bags cost more, but have high-quality construction. You can only buy them through boutiques (online and brick-and-mortar), not at mass retail stores. We have put together a description of the different brands, styles, shapes, and sizes of these bags from among the hundreds being marketed today.

Here are the latest style trends in designer diaper bags:

Handbag Diaper Bags: These bags resemble and function as great big handbags, making them the most popular of all the styles available. They appeared on the market less than a decade ago, and quickly became a favorite of such celebrity mothers as Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum, both of whom are synonymous with style, favor this style of bag. This type normally has medium-length straps and a rounded bottom and is designed to make its wearer appear younger. The bags are lightweight and more streamlined than traditional diaper totes. Their straps are an extra convenience, allowing them to be hung from the back of restaurant chairs.

Totes Designer Diaper Bags: These totes are generally considered the workhorses among all designer bags of this style. They have a boxy design, flat rectangular bottoms, vertical sides, and two shoulder straps. The simple lines of these handbags allow these totes to achieve a certain elegance. They are best used for quiet outdoor excursions, like trips to the park, and many moms store them either in the bottom compartments of their strollers, or else simply hang them from the strollers’ handles. While bulky, totes have the advantage of providing the largest number of compartments, and therefore the most space, for the belongings of the baby.

Messenger Designer Diaper Bags: These bags replace the medium-linked shoulder strap of the handbag design with a removable, extra-length strap which can be which allows them to be secured on the back of Mom rather than on from her shoulder. With this bag, a mother will be able to use both hands to control the stroller while taking baby for long walks. San Francisco moms, for instance, will appreciate the freedom of movement these baby bags offer as they navigate those famous hills. Dads are also quite comfortable using this bag because it allows them to retain a sense of masculinity.

Backpack Designer Diaper Bags: This baby bag is worn on the back just like a traditional backpack, and is extremely popular among parents who like to walk long distances with their babies. One great advantage of this style of tote is that it allows baby to go jogging with Mommy because it does not bounce around as much as other designs of baby-related bags. The main disadvantage of this style is that it is simply not as as stylish a fashion statement as other designs.

Bowler Designer Diaper Bags: This style is unmistakable because of its round top in short, wide body. Any mother you likes minimal bulk and profile in her bag will love the bowler bag. They are also very popular among petite women whose short stature is often exaggerated with a baby tote that is larger in size.

Clutch Designer Diaper Bags: Because they are thin enough to be gripped with a single hand, are called clutch bags. Smaller than the other designs of baby bags, they are equipped, like messenger bags, with fold-over tops and medium-length shoulder straps like those on larger bags. Lightweight and compact, these have less storage space than other styles, and also wear out faster because they are constructed of less durable materials.

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