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Minoxidil Pills Are Now in Existence

Minoxidil is the first hair loss treatment which came onto the market by chance. It was used to treat hypertension before it was discovered that it can also be used to treat hair loss. From there, many people have benefited from using this treatment to recover their lost hair. It has been seen to be a success for males who have experienced hair loss. Women have also benefited from using minoxidil.

Initially, minoxidil was in liquid form. This type of minoxidil was applied to the affected areas. The liquid formula contains a substance called propylene glycol. Some users reacted to this substance. There was the development of itchiness and irritation. Flaking was also another side effect. After experiencing these side effects, people had to discontinue use. Eventually the manufacturers came up with a better way of trying to fight hair loss. This was when the Minoxidil pills were introduced.

The pills have had a very high success rate since they have been introduced. When users shifted from the liquid formula to the pill, they no longer experienced the side effects of irritation and itching. Now, more people opt to use the pill as they do not want to experience those nasty side effects. There is no longer a need to wait for the medicine to dry when using the pill.

The pill and the liquid formula work on the same principles. Hair loss stops upon initiation of usage. As time goes, there is an improvement in hair growth as well as the volume of hair. The minoxidil pill strongly stimulates the follicles into producing hair.

This is how minoxidil is thought to function. The blood vessels in the scalp are widened such that there is an increase in blood flow as well as nutrient supply. The channels of the hair cells are further opened such that there is more there are more nutrients, hormones, enzymes and other factors necessary for hair growth which enter. This encourages the hair follicles into starting the process of hair growth. Because the cycle starts over again, the existing hairs have to fall off. This is to ensure that the new hair can come out. This will happen in the initial few months. Hair may stop being shed after about 3 to 4 months. However, this depends from person to person. Some take a shorter period to shed whilst other take longer.

As the new cycle continues, new hairs start to show. It will continue to grow as long as the medication is continued. In a year or two, the results of using minoxidil will be very evident. Others would have achieved full hair growth whilst others will still be on their way to a full head of hair. Remember that every process of the body takes time. This is the same with hair growth. It takes time to see the results. For some people it can take up to 2 years. Don’t discontinue use or give up too quickly.

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