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Mother’s Day Flowers – What Kinds of Flowers Are Best For Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year and this year it falls on May 9th. In addition to the usual gifts that many moms will get from their children and spouses they’ll also look forward to the traditional flowers that come with any and all Mother’s Day gifts. May is a time of year when a lot of flowers are in bloom and you can find the best of almost any variety online or at your local florists albeit a rather high price tag.

A lot of people settle for buying flowers at the local florist and while they may do the trick, its always a good idea to get you wife/ mom a real Mother’s Day gift instead of just flowers (flowers are recurring gifts for birthdays and valentines day, Mothers Day gifts should be different).

People are more than likely to order flowers online as opposed to going to the florists because it’s more convenient and they can have the flowers delivered. The real enigma is which Toko Bunga 24 Jam to give? People go with roses or tulips but those are actually more suitable for Valentines day or for wedding receptions. The good news is that although the day doesn’t have a symbolic figure like Christmas and Easter, what it does have is a traditional flower; carnations.

Carnations were the flowers that Anna Jarvis, the first solicitor of Mother’s Day in the US sent out when she first began to campaign a day to commemorate mothers. A bunch of carnations give the perfect touch to a special gift basket. If either you or your mom aren’t big fans of carnations, you can always go with any other flowers. One little pitfall to avoid is giving only¬†flowers on Mother’s Day. Flowers alone can’t add up to all that a mother’s done so make sure you give a real gift and then if your budget has that extra room, go for the flowers.

There are some great gifts for that don’t need flowers and can stand on their own and make a mom feel proud. Foremost of these gifts are fruit baskets and fruit bouquets. While fruit baskets are good gifts, fruit bouquets are even better because you still get flowers in the mix. Fruit bouquets are fruit sculptures of flowers and can fool people into believing they’re real flowers. It’s a good way to meet flowers and a Mother’s Day gift in the middle without spending close to $40 on flowers ordered online. Most fruit bouquets come with a keepsake container (as opposed to ordinary baskets that fruit gifts usually come in) and you don’t have to worry about finding a nice vase to go with the Mother’s Day flowers.

Although flowers are a definite buy on Mothers Day, they’re too much of the regular cartoon sitcom and you want to find something that will make a better Mothers Day gift and complement it with flowers or find a rare and unique gift like fruit bouquets that negates the whole point of Mother’s Day flowers.


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