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Online Job Search Sites Vs Job Recruitment Agencies

Searching a perfect job can be quite tricky. The first step is to choose the right channel to find one. There are various options – from traditional recruitment and placement firms to savvy online job sites. Before the online job search boom, recruitment agencies ruled the scene. However, with changing times and innovation, job web sites mushroomed and metamorphed. Providing more convenience and flexibility, it soon became the preferred channel for many.

I still know a lot of people who prefer the traditional job search method through placement and recruitment agencies, where you submit your resume and other details, they find you jobs as per your requirements and fix up interviews for you with various companies. They usually charge a flat fee or a fixed commission once you get a job.

I don’t say there’s anything wrong with this. After all, its all a personal choice. But searching your job posting site can be much more effective and convenient. You can manage your own portfolio, without depending on anyone else. Almost all job sites allow you to register for free.

With the online concept catching fast even in the recruitment scene, there are hardly any companies or organizations who do not post their requirements on these sites. So, you have direct access to jobs available across the country at your fingertips.

The job sites are striving to provide innovative tools to ensure more comfort to their visitors. Tools such as flagging off, searching through categories, saving your job searches, online resume helper, email and SMS alerts etc have made managing your job hunt extremely organized. Plus, its online, so you can access it anytime from anywhere!

There are portals which integrate the job listings from best job sites and companies directly. Hence, you get information from hundreds of sites in one website only. Whats more? Certain sites also provide reviews from employees of the companies, hence, you get the true inside story and can compare various organizations’ work culture as well as salaries.

Besides, you save on the money that you would otherwise pay the recruitment firms as fees or commission. Why would you unnecessarily want a middle man when you can handle everything yourself and have total control over it too? For all you know, the placement agencies are actually searching these very sites to prepare the prospective job list for you!

So take control over your own job hunt, as you are the best judge for yourself. Enroll yourself with the best job search engines and free job posting sites. In fact, check out integrated job portal s which actually crawl through various other job search web sites and companies career pages, and provides integrated information at one place.

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