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Ranking of dry and herbal vap orizers for 2020!

What kind of herbal vaporizer to buy? Ranking of vaporizers 2020.


At the beginning, it is worth asking yourself the question, what kind of vaporizer to buy to satisfy your needs? And what needs does it have to satisfy? This is a must. Without it, do not move on. This article was created to answer these most important questions and help you to choose and buy the right vaporizer. Let’s say it’s such a small guide to personalizing the device for yourself, here we go!


Stationary vaporizers


Let’s start with stationary vaporizers and those larger ones, which I think are suitable for home use, less outdoor. In some cases it is a matter of taste, but after giving concrete examples you will judge for yourself whether some items fit into the concept of vaporizers for use outside the home or rather those for home use.


On first fire, the butane vaporizer Sticky Brick OG


Not without a reason for fire, because it is a vaporizer, which needs a burner to be fired. Calm head, in the set is and will be. It is a manual vaporizer, all you need is fire. The Vaporizer starts right away, you do not have to wait until it heats up, because the temperature is given directly from the burner, and as you know it is high. As for the execution, I do not know if there is a person who could stick to something. It is durable and high quality equipment.


The principle on which this vaporizer works is 100% on-demand convection. Sticky Brick OG heats it with warm air. The taste is stuffed with the aromas of dried and herbs, and a very nice addition is that during inhalation, steam flows through the cherry tree, adding a little taste. The cloud coming out of this vaporizer is huge.


The advantages of Sticky Brick OG:


highest performance,

taste and size of the cloud,

no need to charge the device,

Robust construction,

roomy chamber.


Disadvantages of Sticky Brick OG:


You need to learn a little bit of inhalation technique,

There is a risk that it will burn.


And the last disadvantage or advantage, which depends only on the user. The vaporizer as a tako is portable but certainly not discreet so using it in public places can attract attention.


In my opinion, it is better to use it at home, and for use “in the city” choose another portable vaporizer. Still a question of price, some may think it’s a lot for a “cube of wood with glass tubes” but I have to write it once and I will not write it again. It pays off – emphasize, remember.


Extremely good stationary vaporizer – Arizer Extreme Q 6.0


This vaporizer is already a typical and top of the range stationary vaporizer. There is no option that you will be able to use it outside. Unless in the open air under tents and you have a unit. Or you have a portable unit in general and are not afraid of what people will think, then you’ll make a big noise. Jokes. Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 in my humble opinion will win this combination and will not leave a gram of drought behind. What kind of steam this vaporizer produces without losing any active substances is a medal. I can safely say that a better stationary vaporizer in this price range I have not dealt with. It is suitable for all kinds of herbs and drought, and additionally it is an ideal companion for people who appreciate aromatherapy.


Temperature control here is very simple. You can set it with buttons that are directly on the front of the device or with the remote control. The facilitation is that on the remote control we have several options for setting the temperature and we do not just have to click + and – to change it.  It is worth mentioning the inhalation methods offered by Arizer Extreme Q 6.0. The first one is done with a silicone tube, which is a bit like a classic. The second method is more time consuming but also more effective. It is about “blowing” a balloon. The set includes a balloon, which is filled with steam for about 4 minutes, after filling it gives a solid cloud, which you can pull in at once – if you can do it! The vaporizer works on the principle of convection heating – if you don’t know what it is, you may be interested in this article. Let’s go to the pros and cons of Arizera Extreme Q 6.0.




intensity of the cloud and its power,

comfort of use at home,



temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C,

two methods of herbal vaporization and drying,

Robust construction.




Construction and method of operation, which will not allow to use it outside the house,

relatively long chamber heating relative to some mobile vaporizers, After using up all the balloons you have to buy more on your own, The silicone tube is difficult to clean, without the elbow-pack requires a large amount of herbs ~0.4 g.


Another stationary vaporizer will be Arizer V-Tower


I can honestly say that I have a fondness for this company and I make no secret of the fact that Arizer does a great job when it comes to vaporizers. Arizer V-Tower vaporizer differs from its predecessor only in the fact that there are no balloons and a remote control in the set. So it is a cheaper alternative to Extreme Q 6.0.


The heating time of the vaporizer is about 2 minutes, but it is worth waiting longer for the temperature to cover the entire chamber. I recommend, because dry and herbs taste really better then. There is nothing to write about this device, because it is simply the younger brother of the previously described Arizera Extreme Q 6.0.




comfort of use,

The intensity of the cloud and its power,


temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C,

Robust construction.




no remote control included in the set (although it is cheaper so I think it’s a little bit of a contentious issue with the drawbacks)


The silicone hose is quite difficult to clean,

relatively long chamber heating, from 2 minutes upwards,

without the elbow-pack requires a large amount of herbs ~0.4 g.


Portable vaporizers


Portable vaporizers are nothing more than vaporizers designed for everyday use, they are where stationary can not be. Getting out of town, traveling, working – this is what mobile vaporizers are made for, to make life easier for dry herb vaporizers fans. The market needed this, which goes to observe after the wide range of mobile vaporizers, there are much more of them than stationary ones – but not only by the needs of users.


In my opinion, this market is still developing, technologies pushed into the smallest possible housing, inhalation methods or optimization in terms of length of operation. This gives us a new product that has “something new” in it. With stationary vaporizers it is much simpler, you don’t have to fight for it to be as small as possible, to operate without electricity at all or to fit in your pocket – it is a total absurdity. That is why there is such a great demand and “testing” of mobile vaporizers on the market. Apparently, no one has yet created a compacted God among the vaporizers, but I think that the market is getting closer to this discovery.


We will come back to the differences between portable and stationary vaporizers at the end of the article. Now let’s get down to the individual products.


Arizer Solo II – perfection to power


I will start with Arizer Solo II. Why? In my opinion, this vaporizer in “compactness” is more for home use than for use outside it. It is known that opinions are divided and not everyone sees a problem in using the Solo II in the open air, on the move or at work, but the idea of compactness knocks on the head by lighting a lamp that says clearly. The portable vaporizer should fit in your pocket and allow you to carry it without unnecessary bags or backpacks.


Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Arizer Solo II, I will be honest – it is big for me, too big to use it comfortably outside the house. Especially since every time we have to have a glass mouthpiece with us, which can break down. Like what, you get a tube for each of the two mouthpieces in the set, but you would have to have a really big case to fit Solo II with everything. I once happened to wear another jacket and forget the mouthpiece. Remember that these are only my private observations, because I know many people who use this vaporizer without any problem outside the house. It is true that it is still a portable vaporizer but for me it is a “handy” device, not a compact one.


Now let’s talk a little bit about the way it works and in general about a little different way of looking at this vaporizer. The battery is the main advantage of the Arizera Solo II. It is huge and enough for about 3 hours of continuous vaporization, it allows for long sessions alone or with friends. It can handle it without problems. The advantage is also that you can use it while charging, and the charging time is less than 2-3 hours. A good result for such a large battery, for example FENiX Mini needs 2 hours of charging and the time of operation is less than 45 minutes. The Arizer Solo II even has precise temperature control, we can jump between 50 and 220°C with an accuracy of 1°C. The vaporizer has both convectional and convectional heating systems, which makes it able to extract huge deposits of clouds from dried herbs. The taste is really mega, hard to describe. I was very satisfied. Time warms up


Warm-up time is less than 40 seconds.




Excellent performance,

The taste of steam and the size of clouds,

execution and construction,

large battery, efficient,

A set of accessories – including a belt case (I didn’t use it because I don’t wear belts, but maybe it will be useful to someone),

Glass mouthpieces deepen the taste of dried and herbs.



large size (it does not bother everyone, the vaporizer pays off with efficiency)

Glass mouthpieces – they can break up.


Ghost MV1 – predator among portable vaporizers


GHOST MV1 – a vaporizer that I could write and talk about endlessly. Really great and despite its big construction and weight I fell in love with it from the first bush. Compared to the Arizera Solo II size loses a little bit but you don’t have to carry an additional mouthpiece with you, the whole thing is coherent and well constructed. The appearance of this vaporizer literally enters the future. Without compromise I call it the most beautiful vaporizer on the market, although I like minimalism!


The vaporizer can be controlled by means of a dedicated application after a bluetooth connection. A cool option but in my opinion not everyone will use it. The temperatures we can set by clicking on the wapo are as follows: 171°C, 185°C, 199°C and one that is designed for waxes. The Ghost MV1 works on the principle of convectional heating (on-demand), i.e. it heats drought and herbs through a stream of warm air. The vaporizer is ready in literally seconds from start. The taste and clouds that this equipment brings out are huge. The taste buds even explode.


What else? An innovative system that cools down a couple of dries, herbs or waxes. The capsule of the chamber holds about 0.1 to 0.15 grams of dried or herbs. This is a very good result, especially as it extracts as many active substances as possible. The system informing the user about the heating up occurs by means of led diodes and vibrations. The temperature is also set by means of appropriate diode signaling.




quality of workmanship,

the taste of steam and yield,

convection heating,

Replaceable battery,

It lies perfectly in your hand.



A really long charging time via USB cable (if you want it to charge faster you have to have a separate charger),

large size, lack of discretion.


Air Vape X vaporizer – thin only in terms of construction


Air Vape X, a portable vaporizer worthy of the attention of every fan of vaporization. In comparison with its predecessor, the chamber was enlarged by about 25%. The system of cooling the steam extracted from the vaporizer has been refined and a ceramic mouthpiece has been used, which really improves the taste of herbs and drought. A great, but really great advantage of this device is that it will fit literally everywhere; pockets of pants, jacket, jacket or even kidney. Its size resembles Nokia 3310 so it is easy to imagine how compact this vaporizer is. All you have to do here is correct one thing, it is much thinner than Nokia!


Setting the temperature is simple and fast. Thanks to the display you can easily go through this process and the device itself heats up in a few seconds! The Air Vape X is a hybrid when it comes to heating, with both convection and convection heating systems. The battery lasts for about 6-8 sessions which gives about 40 minutes of continuous vaporization, it is not a lot but the advantage is that the vaporizer can be recharged during inhalation so you just need to get a powerbank and the time of operation in theory will be longer.




the speed of the chamber heating,

compactness of the device,


temperature range,

heating of dried and herbs,



low capacity battery.

FENiX Mini, compact vaporizer worth its price


Fenix Mini debuted on the market with its portable vaporizers, immediately winning the hearts of users and enthusiasts of inhalation. Their product Fenix Mini was appreciated primarily for its value for money. In this price range I assure you that you will find nothing better if you don’t want to spend more than 250 PLN on a vaporizer or you are starting an adventure and want to see if this is the right direction for you, then I can recommend it to you. Admittedly, it has its drawbacks, one of the worse ones here is a capsule for concentrates, which in my opinion does not work at all. It is simply superfluous.


The second thing is that the manufacturer convinces by writing on the packaging that it is a convective vaporizer – and unfortunately it is not. Besides, it’s hard to get attached to something. Fast chamber heating, large chamber, good cloud quality and taste for the price – okay. Battery life is about 40 minutes, charging time 2-3 hours. It is not a lot, and for sure it is enough to do enough drought or herbs. The temperature you are able to reach maximum on this vaporizer is 221°C, the lowest threshold is within 160°C. Everything is set using two buttons which are located on the front of the device.


The vaporizer is additionally equipped with a display, which is a great plus for the device at such a price. For herbs and dried as much as possible. The mouthpiece is made of plastic, the chamber is made of similar material, however, it does not disturb and causes changes in the taste of dried or herbs.





taste, aroma,

size of clouds,


ease of use,

A large chamber, which is metal (it does not stick).




a cap for concentrates, which is useless,

small battery and no possibility of battery replacement.



Stationary versus portable vaporizer


If you’ve gone through most of the article, I’m sure you’ve noticed some differences yourself. Stationary vaporizers are only suitable for home use. With the advantages of these vaporizers you can replace the heating system, because each stationary vaporizer has a convection heating, which is warm air. This difference is quite significant but also easy to explain. Stationary devices do not have batteries but are connected directly to an outlet, which makes them able to use more power for the heater. The value for money ratio is ideal. For the price of a top portable vaporizer we will buy two stationary devices that will work equally well.


Some users choose stationary vaporizers to share with household members, a session with such a vaporizer can take much longer than in portable models, all because of the power supply. When it comes to the taste and quality of steam, portable vaporizers slowly catch up with stationary ones. Temperature control is irrelevant as it is similar and easy to use on both portable and stationary models. Fewer and fewer portable models have limited controls to assume five degrees of temperature. A significant difference is the price, because for the price of fully convectional and temperature controlled every 1°C for a portable vaporizer we have to pay a little more than for example Arizera Extreme Q 6.0.


Summary. Mobile and stationary vaporizers 2020.


I think that now it will be easier for you to decide which vaporizer to choose. A lot depends on the lifestyle and in total on how much time we have. It is known that someone who lives on the road will have no way to use stationary vaporizers. And someone who prefers relaxation after work and does not mind the size of the device will choose a stationary vaporizer.

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