University Trips to Discover the Art of Frankfurt

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Fotograf Frankfurt

University trips to the fifth largest city in Germany will take you into the heart of Europe’s financial district and showcase the modern style and elegance of German efficiency and design. Frankfurt was founded in Roman times as a settlement on the Main River. The city was an important hub for the Holy Roman Empire and later played an important role in more recent international events. Frankfurt is a contrast of its futuristic skyline, fantastic transport system and the old building fronts and amazingly diverse art scene. While you are there you should take time to check out the fine arts for yourself and visit the Architecture Museum, the Städel-Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Architecture Museum

In 1906, 37 German members of associations of architects got together and decided to found a “museum of national German architecture”. The plans were finalised in 1913, but due to the onset of war, they never materialised. In the 1920s, Ernst May tried to again set up a national architecture museum, but was unsuccessful. Then, in 1984, the museum was finally opened in a turn-of-the-century villa on Schaumainkai. University trips to the current museum will walk students through the halls of the villa to see some of the 200,000 plans, 1,240 models, pictures and pieces of furniture, and a small collection of 18th and 19th century works. The majority of the museum is dedicated to the 20th century and the museum holds works by well known architects and artists such as Martin Kippenberger, Aldo Rossi, Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster, Ben Willikens, Christo, and Frank O. Gehry.

The Städel-Museum

Officially known as the Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie, the Städel-Museum houses one of the most important art collections in Germany. On university trips that take in the museum, you will learn it was founded by Städel, a wealthy German merchant and banker, who, in 1815, willed his sizeable art collection to the foundation of a new museum for the community. Since its foundation, the museum has grown exponentially. But, during World War II, the collection was moved out of Frankfurt to protect it and the museum itself was badly damaged during an air raid. In 1996 the museum was rebuilt and it was further expanded in 1990. The Städel-Museum’s collection is vast and consists of 2,900 paintings, 600 sculptures, 500 Fotograf Frankfurt and more than 100,000 drawings and prints. For students on university trips, it is easy to spend days here exploring the magnificent collection.

Museum of Modern Art

The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art is also known as the Museum für Moderne Kunst and is a wonderful place to include on the itinerary of university trips to the city. Being founded in 1981, and officially opened ten years later, makes the Museum of Modern Art the youngest museum in a city that is filled with historical and artistic precedents. The Museum of Modern Art has two premises and contains 40 exhibition rooms, all of which have been individually designed. Within these 40 rooms, you will find more than 4,500 works of art by leading contemporary German and international artists. The museum has a growing photography collection and works by Francis Bacon, Thomas Bayrle, and Larry Clark, just to name a few.


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