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When Looking to Buy Text Links, Are Edu Links and Gov Links More Valuable?

As search engines crawl through a website they pick up a lot of information about the site including inbound links. The value of the inbound links and their relevancy together determine the importance of your website. Every link to your website is considered as a vote and the value of votes depend on the value of the sites that vote. This is why edu, gov, and high PR links are more valuable.

Although most SEO experts are aware of this there are still a few that argue against this fact. Since search engine’s algorithms are top secret most search engine optimization techniques are learned or discovered only with experience. A simple test to check the value of edu links and gov links could enlighten one to the value of these authoritative links to your website. Just include a few edu links and gov links to one of your websites and add standard links to a second one. Within a short span, you will realize that your former website ranks higher than your latter!

Why edu links and gov links are viewed as valuable ones by search engines is a million dollar question! SEO experts agree that edu links and gov links carry more weight than links from other websites. When it comes to offpage optimization, every one of the links has its own value! SEO gurus encourage website owners and webmasters to obtain as many backlinks as possible for a website to stand out from the crowed. But for links from bad neighborhoods and penalized websites, all links have a value and some links are considered more valuable than others by search engines. For instance, search engines like Google and Yahoo consider backlinks from .edu and .gov as more authoritative than the conventional .com, .net or .org websites.

There are various factors that make edu and gov links highly valuable in the sight of search engines. The first and foremost reason is that only registered educational institutions and government bodies can obtain .edu and .gov domains. Secondly, .edu and .gov websites are far less common when compared with other traditional domains, which makes them more valuable. Finally it’s not so easy to obtain backlinks from high PR pages or from .edu or .gov websites.

A simple internet search will show you how to go about obtaining backlinks in the .edu domain pages. For example, it is possible to get edu links and edu text links through blog comments or guest posts. However, you should be aware that most blog pages of students are seldom indexed and are often times removed from the index even when they are initially indexed. Also, most of the links you obtain from blog comments would be preset to the ‘no follow’ attribute resulting in no link juice!

The adage ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ is best fit for those who desperately want to make their sites more authoritative and valuable with edu links and gov links. The smartest way is to dark web links for a price. Again, the a simple internet search is your best friend here


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